Rated “America’s most beautiful state capitol” by the reader’s of TripAdvisor, the Iowa state capitol building’s regal grandeur has awestruck visitors for almost 150 years. And the law library inside is also a photographer’s dream. ic25


Located in Des Moines Iowa, This is the only five-domed capitol building in the nation.


Most of Iowa is rural green farmland of endless rows of corn. Even the largest city in the state and also its capital Des Moines only has about two hundred thousand people. But the state has what many travelers consider to be the nation’s most beautiful state capitol. It’s definitely the most beautiful one I’ve seen and I have been to about half of them.

Built between 1871 and 1186, the structure was unique in its five dome design. The building is laid out in a rectangular form with high ceilings and great windows. The west side of the building overlooks downtown Des Moines.

Downtown Des Moines as seen from the capitol’s western-facing steps


The Central Dome has a gold leaf covering of pure 24 karat gold, The four smaller domes each face a different corner of the building.


The interior overwhelms you as soon as you come in. There are over twenty-five different types of marble used as well as wooden features containing oak, cherry, and walnut.


Murals cover vital moments in Iowa’s early history as well as the civil war


Grand staircase leading to the Rotunda


The ornate detail work of the Rotunda
Painting on the interior dome of the rotunda has the dates of the American Civil War


The Iowa Senate Wing


The Iowa State Assembly Wing
Chandelier from the Assembly ceiling
Gallery Area
Everywhere you look there was such detail work

The crowning jewel of this showplace has to be the Law Library. The Library has five floors of books connected by finely ornate spiral staircases. If there is a book nerd Heaven it will look like this place. 


I could move in here.
I can’t get enough of these staircases.
Stained glass skylights above the Library

The Capitol Building is the pride of the state and given its prominent point overlooking Des Moines. the city shines above the city like a golden Archangel. 













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