I’m feeling under the weather today, but my friend Jerry has graciously offered to guest blog for me about his journey to the Arctic.  He’s a great friend and fellow traveler. He’s been everywhere. Enjoy!


A few years ago, my best friend (who also happens to be my biological younger brother) Ravi & I took a road trip for a month.  We wanted to see how far north one could drive.

We headed North to Canada,  taking the Trans-Canadian Highway  1 west to  Dawson Creek in British Columbia.  Here is the beginning of the Alaskan Highway, which we took up to the border of

Alaska.  Then….

Picture # 1,  driving up thru Yukon in Canada,  we passed the Arctic Circle welcome sign.     The wilderness and winding mountain road is lonely, eerie, and also phenomenally beautiful.  


Picture # 2.   We drove another 600 miles  over treacherous dirt roads, crossing gullies and mountainous single lane roads.  But the views are breathtaking.  And the Silence is beyond comprehension.



                    The sky stayed like sunrise/sunset  all night long.  Land of the Midnight Sun.  We had a picnic at midnight on the top of a isolated mountain.  We could see about 80 miles in any direction.   The wind was blowing and it was chilly,  but it was a picnic I shall never forget. 

Picture # 3.    We went to the Eskimo village of Inuvik.  Farthest possible place accessible by vehicle in North America   The aurora borealis will keep you awake.  



Picture # 4.    On another 25 miles over tundra   and on a path, not a road, we ran into the arctic ocean.  Can’t go any further.   Chilly night air even in hot July.



So,  if you are looking for a scenic, one-of-a-kind road trip,  I highly suggest going to Yellowstone Nat’l Park  or perhaps  thru  Dutch Pennsylvania and avoiding this one,

Because quite frankly,  this one is very dangerous,  isolated,  scary,  and you need to pack in a jeep or tank  for  survival mode.   ……..though if one makes it back home safe & sound,

The memories are unforgettable.   What a journey.      Oh yes,    go  this time of the year.    Inaccessible and covered in ice in winter.  Best Warm Wishes & Happy Traveling.  Jerry Shipman~

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