Exploring the Batu Caves of Malaysia

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I am grateful to have my friend David guest blog for me. He is blessed to have a job that enables him to travel. This post covers one of my bucket list places, the Batu Caves in Malaysia.

The Battu Caves are a series of three karst caves located just outside of Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur,  Guarded by a colossal statue of Lord Murugan and an army of crazed monkies, the cave is accessible by a massive staircase containing 272 steps. While the levels are daunting enough you also have to face a gauntlet of monkies, touristic hordes, and the relentless heat. For your effort, you reach a beautiful open cavern called the Cathedral cavern for its skylight and massive open area. The interior of the cave contains a vast temple complex with colored reliefs and statues from various Hindu scriptures.

Lord Murugan awaits
The massive staircase
Lord Hanuman the monkey deity featured prominently in the Hindu epic poem “The Ramayana.”
Vendors were throughout the base area. Some of the food smelled very good.
Figures of Ganesh were quite prominent
These steps are a challenge even for the healthiest. But there were level areas where you could catch your breath. 
Kuala Lumpur and the suburbs can be seen in the background 
The interior of the cave has several small temples and many statues and altars
Moisture would drop from the top of the caves skylight


The Artwork of the temple areas was exquisite. The caves are popular with Hindus and Non-Hindus alike.

The Caves are the largest Hindu temple outside of India. One of the things that make Malaysia so special is the unique blend of cultures. Indian, Malay, Chinese and indigenous cultures all fuse in a single nation. There are many beautiful sights in KL (Kuala Lumpur) and all over the country but what makes the caves so unique is the blend of the spiritual and the natural. The caves are free and a short trip from the city center. I would definitely recommend a visit.

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