We found an unexpected treat in our Christmas stocking! My friend and fellow traveler Jerry has pictures to share of Santa’s workshops in New York State, Ontario, Canada and Fairbanks, Alaska. (Santa has branch offices, he has got a pretty big operation going)  Enjoy! Christmas upon us brought back memories of 3 places I’ve enjoyed thoroughly as a child of several ages.  First 2 pictures are of Santa’s Workshop located in Northern New York State.


There is plenty to see and do here, including Santa’s summer sleigh boat ride, the candy house, The elves workshop and just a feel in the air of a place suspended in time and frozen. A full day’s delight. It’s near Wilmington city and convenient from the Memorial Highway. And of course, meet Santa, get a photo, and stay for the lights after sunset.  Worth it.


A second wonderful Christmas experience is at Bracebridge, in Ontario, Canada. This 60 acre Theme Park is pure magic for the kid in all of us.  There is the CandyCane Express, the Peppermint Penguin roller coaster, the most marvelous carousel {which I rode 6 times non-stop in glee before they kicked me off,) and of course there is Santas workshop and his home, Oh, and don’t forget the reindeer.  Yep, Rudolph too.



And naturally, what would it be without a stop at the North Pole, Santa’s home? And here it is, actually, it is a small town east of Fairbanks, Alaska, and it is a real town too.  The 3 pictures below show the entrance, the Elves’ Workshop & gift store, And the downtown square after sundown.   This is the smallest of the 3 places visited But has the best ‘real Christmas’ feel to it.  Real reindeers outdoors, and there is. Nicholas Lane, and the North Pole Post Office where you can mail cards marked from the North Pole.  


Hope you can visit one or all three someday, and meanwhile Merry Christmas.                                                                        Jerry


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