Exploring one of the United Kingdom’s most popular Beach towns

Located near both Manchester and Liverpool and within 100 miles of over 8 million people, Blackpool is one of the UK’s most popular seaside destinations. Nestled on the shore of the Irish Sea, the city first began to rise in popularity during the Victorian era, when the salt air was believed to be curative. It certainly had to be a relief from to soot congested miasma that filled the skies with coal dust during those days. Rail lines made the city easily accessible and city began its reign as a weekend and vacation center.  With over seven miles of beaches, a promenade replete with arcades, pubs, restaurants and hotels the city’s tourist infrastructure is well intact. A recent entry Blackpool pleasure beach is now Europe’s second most popular amusement park.  In the fall, the city has the Blackpool Illuminations an annual event where the promenade is bedecked with colored lights and is one of the most popular events of the entire year.

The beachfront area stretches out over seven miles. The promenade runs parallel to the beach and has arcades, casinos restaurants and hotels.
A street car also runs with the beach and makes moving along very easy.
There is always a lot of entertainment to be had. People watching is especially fun. The city plays host to a lot of stag and hen parties and can be quite rowdy.


There’s always plenty of entertainment. Ballroom dancing competitions and exhibitions are very popular.
Pleasure Beach’s largest attraction is fittingly called “The Big One” it is a massive steel coaster and is one of the largest and fastest in the world.
The park has many modern and quaintly old fashioned rides and has the feel in many ways of NYC Coney Island



Opened in 1894 and designed to favor the Eiffel Tower, the Blackpool tower dominates the beach. The tower is over 518 feet tall and is at the center of a vast entertainment complex that includes an aquarium, ballroom. and theater. Blackpool is the perfect fix for your summer holiday blues. If you are in either Manchester or Liverpool it is only about an hour by train and is well worth the visit.

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