Money, Money, Money (It’s a rich man’s world).

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Sorry for the ABBA reference.  Today, we are exploring the Money Museum at the Kansas City Federal Reserve bank.

The sign said Goddess of Commerce but I couldn’t find who that is, online. I know Hermes/Mercury is the Greek/Roman God of Commerce. Perhaps, I am overthinking this. it’s a nice statue though.


The museum has every coin in existence from the term of each U.S. President.


The 1000 Dollar bill was the highest bill that was in circulation. There was also a 500 Dollar bill.  in 1969, both the 500 and 1000 Dollar bills were discontinued although the remained circulating until the early 80’s. Today, the 100 Dollar bill is currently the highest denomination circulating.
The local Fed Banks used to issue their own local money.
The highest denomination ever made, but it was only used in bank transfers
40 million in actual cash.
Roughly 24 pounds of solid gold.


Yes, they give free samples, but they’re shredded.
The museum is free, no reason to charge, the bank has plenty of money.
The museum is located in Penn Valley Park, home of the liberty memorial and the national WWI museum I wrote a post about the museum on a prior post.
There are several nice statues in the park. This one honors those killed in the Spanish-American War.


The Park also has the Firefighters Memorial Fountain. Which honors those in the KCFD killed in the line of duty.
Probably the most famous statue in all of Kansas City is “The Scout”. The statue stands on a bluff overlooking all of downtown.


You may never make a million dollars but you can definitely see it at the museum. And oonce you get outside, the park will give you a lot of green you can see for free


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