This Bud’s for you. Exploring Ceske Budjovice and Hluboka Castle

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The name Ceske budjovice may not ring a bell to most English speakers, But what if i told you the german name for the city is Budweis. yes the same as the american beer. In fact budweiser means beer from Budweis.  When Anheuser Busch settled in america he wanted to make a bohemian beer like that which came from this city, In Europe you can still buy the original Budweiser which is much better in my opinion than the american derivative.

Beer aside, Ceske Budjovice is definitely worth a visit . It was one of the largest city squares in Europe and much of the original architecture has been painstakingly restored. The city was bombed during the second World War and suffered extensive damage.

Outside of the city is the Hlboka Castle and beautiful White marble castle which was designed to be the bohemian version of Windsor castle in England. I worked at the castle for a couple weeks doing grounds work, it was a treat having the castle to look at every day.

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