Spotlight on Turkey and Greece

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The blue mosque Istanbul. So named due to its blue marbled hue. Located near the hippodrome (horse riding track) of ancient Byzantium, the mosque is still in active use today.
The Aye Sofia Istanbul. Located only a short distance from the blue mosque, the Aye Sofia was a christian church until the city was conquered by the ottomans who renamed the city from Constantinople to Istanbul (just like the song). The church was converted to a mosque, today it is a museum
The hue of the blue mosque changes with the sun, but it always seems to glow.
Brightly colored houses of istanbul
Ephesus famous for the Pauline letter was once one of the largest cities in the Roman empire
Swimming among the ruins at the hot mineral baths near Pammukale Turkey
Marmaris Turkey a resort and shipping town near Rhodes, Greece, Home of some great kebabs.
The old town Rhodes greece
The narrow cobbled streets of Rhodes reminded me a lot of Jerusalem

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