Going in Style: Part 2 London’s Highgate

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If Paris’ Pere Lachaise Cemetery is “Phantom of the Opera” London’s Highgate Graveyard would be “Dracula.” The land is a cemetery and nature preserve. The bushes and trees have overrun many of the graves adding to the mysterious gothic atmosphere that seems to permeate this place.

Over 100,000 are buried here among the famous residents Karl Marx and writer Douglas Adams. ( George Michael is also buried in Highgate, but his grave is on the west side and is not open to the public) The grounds are separated in two halves. The Eastside is open to the public to roam freely the west side is open to guided tours only.  Unlike Pere Lachaise in Paris, Highgate does charge an admission fee of 4 pounds (about seven dollars US).  The Westside is 12 pounds (about 22 Dollars US) and advance booking is required.  The tour is actually quite a value if you are willing to do the advance work of getting in. Plus a westside ticket will get you into the eastside at no extra charge.

Egyptian Avenue on the Westside. 
A statue of Mr. Sayers beloved dog “Lion” waits with his master for the resurrection. 


The avenues of the Westside.



The “Recumbant Angel” on the Westside. 


The Westside has some feral visitors.

While the Westside has some exclusivity and some better-maintained grounds the Eastside has a natural wild look. hg16hg12hg13hg10hg7hg6hg5hg3



Highgate is a real taste of Victorian London. And is a real art treasure. The best deal is to get a westside combination ticket, but for the more frugal-minded even an Eastend visit is worth the four Pounds. 

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