My British Homecoming Day 8: Liverpool

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I was cleaning out my desk and I found an old travel journal I had kept during a trip to the UK and Ireland and Scotland from a few years ago. This had been the first time I had returned to England after being expelled for working without a permit back in the late ’80s. (I have been back a few times more since) But I thought I would share the journal and some pictures with you all. 

After my adventure eating samosas on the beach in Blackpool with my new British friends, I walked back to the hotel. I was pretty wired from all the fun I had, I only slept for a few hours and felt fine. I rode a morning train to Liverpool and was ready to explore.

Matthew Street is just a few blocks away from the Central Train Station and has the Cavern Club where the Beatles first made their mark on the local music scene.
The Cavern Club. I was told the original location where the Beatles played is across the street
A statue of Beatle John watches passerby on Matthew Street.

Scenes from around Matthew Street. The Beatles are still a draw for tourists throughout the world. Many local businesses feature their image and music.

The lads live on.
Given that several of the Beatles sites are scattered throughout Liverpool using one of the local tour services isn’t a bad idea.


Menlove Avenue where John Lennon grew up living with his Aunt Mimi.
Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about. This was the site of an orphanage where John Lennon used to play at in his childhood.


Penny Lane isn’t really that long of a street. It starts as a residential area and after crossing the railroad tracks becomes a business district. John and Paul used to catch the bus into the city from here.  There is a barber shop, bank, and fire station there just like in the song.

The Albert Docks area of Liverpool is also very nice. The area was once a warehouse area for the ships heading off to sea, but today is full of cafes, shops, and trendy apartments,

I really wish I had more time in Liverpool, the city was such a delight. You could easily spend a couple days exploring. Maybe one Beatles themed and another seeing all the other non-“Fab Four” stuff.

Tomorrow I am heading for Scotland, I’m so excited!!


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