My British Homecoming Day 3: Thetford, Nottingham, and Manchester

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I was cleaning out my desk and I found an old travel journal I had kept during a trip to the UK and Ireland from a few years ago. This had been the first time I had returned to England after being expelled for working without a permit back in the late ’80s. (I have been back a few times more since) But I thought I would share the journal and some pictures with you all. Day 3 of a 5 Day Series

Well not sleeping much the last few nights finally caught up with me. I was out like a light. It was after 10 before I got up which would be like me getting up at noon on a non-travel day. I had decided to sleep on the idea of whether to go to Scotland or Ireland and woke up with a completely different purpose. I thought I would just take the day and just meander my way to either Manchester or Liverpool. They were both big enough cities I could figure out where I wanted to go and get a plane or bus onward. My Uncle Bill had to work so Lona showed me around Thetford a bit and then I headed to Nottingham.


Thomas Paine who was born in Thetford but moved to the American Colonies. He was an influential writer in the early days of the United States Paine authored “Common Sense” and “Rights of Man” both which had a significant impact on the new nation.



King Sweine was a Viking King who successfully invaded England (and burned Thetford to the ground in the process)  He was one of the last Kings of England before the Norman invasion of 1066.

I took the train from Thetford to Nottingham. The city had been in my imagination since I first heard of “Robin Hood”. The Sherwood Forest, the sheriff of Nottingham, Little John, Friar Tuck the whole gang. The city was such a surprise I loved Nottingham Castle and Market Square with it’s domed Council House

Nottingham Castle is such a prominent feature of the city. Rising over 130ft above the city the castle was a commanding presence. The actual castle was destroyed during the English Civil War and what remains is the “Ducal mansion” a large house built by the Duke of Newcastle during the Restoration period.
A portion of the original castle walls remain.
Much of the hill has been hollowed out and cellars were created.
A statue of Robin Hood taking aim to the castle
The oldest Inn in England and still open for business.
Market Square Nottingham
The Council House on Market Square Nottingham

I ended up spending such a long time in Nottingham, I really got to Manchester pretty late. I was getting kind of tired. I got a room at the Holiday Inn right next to the Airport. There is a train depot next to it as well. I plan on getting to bed fairly early and figuring out what I’m going to do/go tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even leave it to a coin flip.

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