50 States in 50 Days: Day 6 New York

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In honor of me achieving my goal of visiting all 50 US States each day for the next 50 days, I will post a picture of somewhere I have visited in each state and write a paragraph or two about my experience. There is so much to see in every one of them, so I am just selecting one of my best memories. 


Skating at Central Park

The Tee shirts don’t lie. I love NY. But in truth, I love all of New York not just ‘the city” but Long Island and the beautiful upstate area as well. I had been to NYC several times before I ventured out of the metro area and I was stunned. The Hudson Valley, The Poconos, and the Catskill Mountains and the shoreline of Lakes Erie and Ontario are all worthy of your time and attention. I always said if I ever had money the perfect home would be a house in the country but within a short distance from a major city. (And if I ever had SERIOUS money, I’d have my rural home and a small townhouse in the city). New York gives you both even without the houses. You have a major world city a short trip away from an unspoiled natural wilderness.

So when you visit New York, by all means, load your plate with NYC. See the Broadway shows, the Met (metropolitan museum of Art), Times Square and of course, the Statue of Liberty but save some room for dessert the rustic, bucolic rolling hills, lakes and valleys of upstate.

It can be pricey and crowded, and you might have to wait a while to get to see her, but an audience with Miss Liberty will leave you smitten. Did you know you can get a peek at her for free? The Staten Island Ferry is free and goes right by the statue on its run.  It is also a great way to get that shot of the lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center Tower.

Some of my favorite memories of New York. Driving through the Adirondack region with my parents, The time I visited my high school friend Chris and watched him rehearse a show he was directing right off Times Square.  The time I rode the Staten Island Ferry with my friend Jonathan, Walking through Central Park on a warm spring day.  But maybe my favorite memory is driving up the Hudson Valley alone without even having the radio on and not even noticing because the beauty of the place had me spellbound.

Stormy simmer day in the Hudson Valley

I have something nice to say about every state, but New York is exceptional. I have great memories and dear friends there. I am not ashamed to say I love NY  and if you come, I think you’ll be a lover too.

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