This week’s Humpday Haiku

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” She smiles promises/whispers hope in the dank dark/then she maroons me.’.


“Cold Earth behind me/the precipice of rebirth/the nexus of next. ”



“What no one can know/secret brothers and sisters/ we share and protect.”



“On Sodom’s red plain/the city of Dis burns bright/pillars of regret.”



‘Bartholdi’s goddess/and ginger bearded stranger/a love from first sight.’

A note of explanation: This haiku is dedicated to my great-great-grandfather who came to America from Ireland. Frederic Bartholdi designed the statue of liberty from the Roman goddess ‘Libertas’ My grandfather from all his pictures and accounts had a thick red beard. He was a stowaway on a ship. I imagine it was a great moment for him to see the statue for the first time

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