80 years until Spring 1972

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Every day from now until Spring, I will play a song from each year from 1940-2020. I’ll also write a little bit about the song and why I chose it to represent that year.

This. Song. Destroys. Me. I get a serious lump in my throat every single time I listen to it. Not just the poetry of the lyrics, but the beautifully restrained arrangement and of course, the exquisite voice of Roberta Flack. Back in 1972, I was too young to appreciate this song but as an adult, it’s one of my favorites.


“The first time ever I saw your face” was written in 1957 by English folk singer Ewan MacColl. The song had been recorded by several people before Roberta Flack but once she sang it, the song was hers. Although I may never get to meet most of you personally, my wish for each of you is that at least once in your life you meet someone who this song can apply to. I know I have.

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