21 Days of Thanksgiving Day 20: Every Body needs some body sometime

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Since November was ( for those who live in the U.S.) the month of Thanksgiving, I want to take the next three weeks to make daily posts about things I am grateful for. There was an old hymn I heard growing up called “Count your blessings”. So since I believe gratitude begets blessings, (and we could use a little more of that,) Come with me as we go on this journey of thankfulness. 

When we talk about our bodies we almost immediately begin to mention what is ‘wrong’ with it, from its appearance to the ways we feel it is failing to live up to our standards. I do it too. I could give you a litany of things I don’t like, but I won’t. Frankly, in the over-arch of things, my concerns are picayune. Each day I am able to get out of bed quickly and easily with only an occasional minor ache. I am able to move about unabated and without distress.


Every second, our bodies are able to fight off a barrage of germs and toxins and do so without notice or fanfare. Our bodies have been created with an innate capacity to heal which I believe is much greater than even most medical professionals know exists. So thank you body for the myriad, wonderful and mostly unnoticed ways you serve us daily. And thank you God for the complex and amazing vehicle we have been given to explore the world. May I always diligently and respectfully honor this gift.

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