The Half the man I used to be” Project Week 5 and 6: “All things must pass”

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How to be on a Keto Diet and avoid the (TMI) BM issues. But first…

Just the Facts, Jack.

Original Weight 360lbs

Weight at last update (06/09) 327.8lbs

Today’s Weight  322.9lbs

Average Daily Calories 1779 (for the last 17 days)

Exercised 14 out of the last 17 days for at least an hour. Mostly swimming but also hiking and Gardening.

So about 5lbs in 11 days. Not super fast mind you, but at least it is still trending down.  I wish it was faster but I have to be patient. I want to be a bit

And now for the TMI BM part.

One of my housemates and I are both on a Keto diet. He is much more devout than I am when it comes to eliminating Carbs. His entire diet is mostly animal protein. (although he recently has added Sunflower seeds and Olives) But almost never vegetables and I don’t think I’ve seen them eat a salad, even before they started Keto. Yet we both have experienced some issues with constipation albeit my housemate seems to be worse. I’ve tried to eat a limited Carb Diet ( about 50 grams a day or less) but still, I am having much less BM’s than I did before I started this diet. ( I was mostly vegetarian before)  From what I’ve read most people on Keto Diets have had some challenges in this area.

Why does this happen? 

A couple reasons. First, we have bugs in our GI system. Some are “good’ and some “not so good”. The Good Guys help us break down food and they love starchy food and bread. (Two foods not really on a Keto Diet. They also love carbs. Another factor is Fiber. Fiber can only be found in plant-based foods. And many Keto dieters avoid plant-based foods like the plague. But even without surrendering to the Carbs there are ways you can keep things flowing if you are on a diet that is often fiber restrictive.

8 Ways you can break the Dam.


This mineral can sometimes be shorted on a Keto Diet. magnesium helps with digestion. Keto friendly (Low Carb) foods include Leafy greens, Seeds, and Avocados. You need about 400 mg if you are an adult male and 350 mg if you are an adult female.  About 30% of those on a western diet fail to consume the minimum amount.  Try a supplement and see if it doesn’t help.

Vitamin D.

Many westerners (estimate hover around 40%)  are Vitamin D deficient. It is even more important if you are having issues with constipation.


There’s a reason people tell you to drink a lot of water when you are dieting. When you eliminate many fruits and vegetables from your diet you are not only losing fiber but also moisture from these foods. Keeping hydrated will help keep your movements, well moving.

Choose Oils wisely.

Focus on medium chain fats such as avocado, coconut, olive, and palm oil. They are easily digested and can be broken down more quickly than vegetable oil. They are also a natural laxative.

Make your carbs count.

I have been trying to eat about 50 mg of carbs per day. (The recommended amount for people of balanced weight is around 250 mg and most Americans consume 300-500) so I don’t have a lot of options before I exceeded my cap. It is very important that what Carbs I do consume are high fiber. I eat spinach and lettuce salads daily and also try to do the same with broccoli. They are low carb and have a medium amount of fiber too. Also, while not low in calories, nuts an seeds are another good option but I try to limit my serving to a quarter cup (still over 200 calories though)

Consider Probiotics.

The reduction in fiber and especially grains in a Keto diet has a devastating effect on the intestinal flora. Many people on Ketogenic diets have issues with this. A natural probiotic helps your body produce new colonies. These florae are essential in the digestion process.

Exercise (and stay hydrated while doing so)

Many people incorporate an exercise regime with their diet, but if you are doing Keto (or most other diets too) without exercise it can lead to a breakdown of digestion.  Inactivity is actually (according to the AMA) the number one reason for constipation in adults, (dehydration came in second) Inactivity causes the body to reduce the flow of blood to the intestinal tract. (hence the old advice of going for a walk after eating). Physical movement stimulates the bowels and increases digestion activity.

Fiber supplements

There are some low carb supplements that seem to help. I try to have a glass of Metamucil power in a glass of water before bed. (I forget sometimes) There are also fiber pills. Since many of these use psyllium husks. ( a wheat husk that has no nutritional value and is flushed out of your body. There aren’t really any issues with adding any carbs to your diet. Air popped popcorn also is a good idea. ( I say air popped because it is fewer calories and on oil-based popcorn, the calories can add up)  But it is also something that is mostly passed undigested so it does a good job of adding bulk to your stool.

And Finally…

Time. I have been on my diet over two months now and I am finally back to being fairly regular.  If you have just started the diet,  prepared with the possibilty this can happen but know many bodies will eventually adjust. If you have any concerns please check with your physician.

Speaking of regular. 

I am really almost back to normal now and will plan on doing a weekly progress post each Tuesday. AND I HAVE NEW TRAVEL POSTS COMING UP!! I can’t stay away from you all. I miss you. Much Love, GG

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8 Replies to “The Half the man I used to be” Project Week 5 and 6: “All things must pass””

  1. Woohoo! Glad you’re back to posting – my inbox was looking a little light, haha. And sooo happy for you on the progress! Slow and steady is always better for weight loss.

    Urgghh, I find low carb diets incredibly hard as I’m so addicted to bread and pasta. Hows the high protein? I’ve never considered keto because I didn’t think it would suit a vegetarian/vegan diet (not that I’ve researched mind you), but would you say you have a preference? Of keto over vegan or vice versa?

    1. I loved vegan but ate way too much starch thinking as long as it’s vegan it is okay. But even in vegan the calories still count. Keto is the only thing I’ve found that seems to actually work for me as far as getting weight off and not feeling like I’m starving. They have Vegan Keto. Since the emphasis is really on fats and not protein, you can do vegan and eat seeds and nuts which provide both. Also just eat low carb veg. A good rule of thumb is if it comes from under the ground (carrots, potatoes, beets then it is off limits but foods like broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes etc are all good. Once I get to my goal, I see myself going back to a plant based diet which In my opinion is healthier. PS Thanks for posting, it was nice to hear from you again.

      1. I see what you mean by the fats, but do you actually get full from seeds and nuts? They’re a great snack for me, but I wonder how I’d incorporate more fats into a filling meal! Ah, it’s a shame 🙁 love under the ground foods – beginning to think keto is not for me LOL. And nice! Would that be your final, final goal or do you have a mini goal in which you’d go back plant based?

        🙂 and it’s nice seeing you posting again too!

      2. You would be surprised about getting full. Once your body acclimates from burning carbs to fat (usually a week or less) I never even felt hungry. Tofu, Olive oil and sunflower seeds have been staples. I found an article I’ll attach for you. I have said that “the world doesn’t begin until after 300” meaning I have come to the cusp of 300 pounds before but have never gotten down from there in about 15 years so I will maintain the diet until then. Once I get down to below 250 pounds, I am going back to Vegan, but will probably drink protein shakes. here the article

  2. Great progress! Mint helps keep things moving too. You can make one of your bottles of water a mint tea…Traditional Medicinals has a good one. Or just add fresh…grows like a weed here in the summer…to hot water, allow to cool and strain.

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