This blog is slowly getting some (hopefully) positive changes. Over the next few weeks, the look of the blog will be undergoing some improvements. The format, presentation, and layout will be affected the most. Although a new proofreading system should help with the occasional typos and grammar lapses. (Which I am personally very happy about.)  A Few minor tweaks that have happened so far:

I now have an archive listing so it’s now easier to look at older stories without having to scroll through 500 posts.  (I still am amazed that we’ve done that many in just 13 months) But now, you can look by month.

I’m making “Fitness” and Poetry/Haikus in their own category. When I write a post on these topics, they’ll still appear on the general blog page, but also in their separate heading too. Also if you want to read all the haikus or fitness stories you can read just those. I know some of the fitness posts are among the most popular for the entire blog, and There will be a lot more posts coming fitness wise. ( I have some BIG news that I hope to have posted very soon regarding the fitness and health section.) And several people have asked to make it easier to read the haikus. So they’ll be getting their own section in a few days too.

I also now have a disclaimer page. I hate it, and it makes me sound kind of jerky. But it’s not as bad as that. Nutshell version: Realize my page is my opinion only. You can comment whatever you like but don’t attack the other posters in the thread or you are out of the pool. Reblog me, just tell me. (The lovely Ana at “Timeless wisdom” is a classic example of how to be cool about it. She has kindly reposted a lot of blog pieces and has always let me know what she was doing). That’s all I ask. In fact, I’m flattered. so that was basically the disclaimer page.

I also added a link to my Instagram page (also called globetrotting grandpa) I need it to be bigger but it’s on the lower left-hand side, I’m trying to fix that.

So that’s all for now. Just trying to make the page a little more “Uptown”. Despite my very rudimentary computer knowledge.  That’s it for now. Normal posts should resume tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. Much Love, GG


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