Photo of the day: A tisket, a tasket, that’s one crazy basket

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bsbIf Giants from another planet ever visit earth and they want to have a picnic, this is their basket. Located in Newark, Ohio this building was the former headquarters of the Longaberger basket company. The Longabergers spared no expense in creating their one of a kind corporate office. The basket building has a full-size gymnasium, a theater, spacious state of the art executive offices. The inside of the building is a seven-story atrium that has a sunroof that provides a lovely view of the basket’s handles. The handles included the building is over 200 feet tall. At night the handles are lit up and the basket can be seen for miles.

Like many manufacturing businesses in the Midwest, the Longaberger Company took a hit in the mid-2000s and the company building was vacated.  The company is just a shell of its former self and most of the basket manufacturing jobs have been eliminated. The building has been vacant for the last several years. In 2016 a developer purchased the building but very little else has changed. If I had my say, I’d turn it into condos. I figure there must be some cache in telling people you live in a giant imitation wicker basket.

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