So I got my DNA test results back. I guess I was hoping it would be a bit more, well exciting. Turns out I’m just your run of the mill Anglo. But in case anyone is interested it runs as follows: 59% English, 37% Scottish/Irish 3% French and 1% Native American. My paternal grandmother traced her roots all the way back to the 1500s in England. My maternal grandmother was adopted so we don’t know anything about her past, but I’m guessing she was Irish or English based on the DNA. So Have you done a DNA test? What were your results? I’d love to hear about it. 


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  1. Mine very similar- no surprises at all- as I would have guessed it- 74% English 18% Irish, 8% Germanic.

    1. Not much of a surprise for me either although I expected more German. My paternal great grandmother’s last name was Grossnickle, I would have thought that was German. I went through Perhaps I might run it through another service and see if I get the same results.

  2. I have done my DNA and others and am actually a genealogist. Since your maternal grandmother was adopted, there is a good chance you could discover who she was, using your DNA.

    1. Well the family legend was that she was greek. He adopted parents were greek and her step dad was a bit of a player. So the story was that he fathered her on one of his flings. But no greek in me whatsoever. So that legend goes out the window.

      1. Family stories are passed down from generation to generation and what I have discovered, it they should be called tales. Often, fairy tales!
        Sometimes there was a reason why you were told, a child should be seen and not heard and to cover your ears. Secrets were flying.
        Check out my site, I might be able to help you especially since you have your DNA results.

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