The Chateau LaRoche was one-man’s labor of Love to bring a castle and the values of chivalry back to his hometown of Cincinnati.

Loveland Castle or as it is officially called Chateau LaRouche is a replica of a French castle that was mostly hand built by one man, Harry D. Andrews from early 1920 until his death in 1981. He used stone from the adjacent river and concrete blocks he made from milk cartons. He worked incessantly for over 60 years building the castle from designs he made while working in France as a medic during the first world war. Andrews named the structure “Chateau LaRouche” which is French for “rock castle.”


EThe Castle Gatehouse and outer walls.


The Castle entrance.

Andrews was an avid reader of medieval history and admired the values he saw in the code of chivalry. He taught Sunday school and was a scoutmaster in the Boy scouts. He wanted the castle to help the young men appreciate honor, valor and what Andrews called “manly purity” that he saw in the legend of the Knights of the Roundtable.

While Andrews had the castle mostly finished at the time of his death. His scout troop completed the work,  Harry Andrews willed his life’s work to the Scouts, and they still manage and maintain the property to this day.

The Scout Group that operates the castle is called the Knights of the Golden Trail. The Knights run the castle and manage the many weddings that take place there and serve as guides for visitors. While the Knights include the current members of the scout troop, the KOTGT consider themselves lifelong members and so men of all ages participate in the knight’s ceremonies.


The grounds include the castle and a large garden area.


The Garden Walk


The Gardens have medieval sculptures of Dragons and knights


Some shots of the interior


There is a museum that features the history of the Chateau and how Andrews built the castle as well as an extensive collection of medieval weaponry


The selection of swords is quite extensive


The castle museum also has armory both ornamental and practical.


The guard tower offers a lovely view of the surrounding Little Miami River Valley

The Castle is located in suburban Cincinnati at Loveland, Ohio. They are open all year but only have weekend hours during the winter. Admission is just $5.00. The castle is a real gem and not something you will find just about anywhere outside of Europe. It is a testament to one man’s singular vision and 60-year commitment to fulfilling his dream.  Plan for at least a couple hours to visit and bring lunch as the grounds are perfect for a picnic. 


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