How important is the support of family and friends when you travel?

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This is really meant as a question. I want to write a post about my own experiences but I would love to hear your stories first. So how do your family and friends feel about your traveling? What about partners and significant others? Are they supportive, neutral or openly hostile to the idea? Does this affect your ability or willingness to go? Have you ever not gone on a trip because of this? I REALLY want to hear from you. I want to mention my observations but am not able to give my answer the time and attention it deserves at the moment. I will update in a few hours. The TLDR version is it is one huge gray area for me. But the subject has been on my mind a lot lately and I would be so grateful to find out everyone else’s take on the matter. So please comment.


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    1. That
      s great to have a spouse who travels too. i usually go solo because i don’t have anyone to go with me. That; a blessing and curse. On the occasions I traveled with a partner we ended up fighting. It isn’t easy for a lot of people. I thrive at it while others just stress out. But I am more like you, in the always wanting to roam part. if i had the means to do it, I’d be on the road a minimum of half the year.

  1. I’ve got it all figured out. No significant other. I’m a middle aged female solo traveller. My kids and parents think nothing of my travelling. In fact they are the ones who encouraged me to blog and inspire others. My friends on the other hand think I’m crazy to put myself in that “danger.

  2. Hi There, I would say most of my friends and family are supportive or at least resigned. Keep in mind I have been traveling full time (without a home) for four years so by now it is a normal situation for all of us in a way. I go home for a two or three weeks at a time a few times a year. In four years, I have made friends on the road and lost a few at home. I realize those few I have lost were never the loyal friends I thought they were. Real friends support your dreams. My lifestyle also means I miss stuff. Although I have gone home for important events, like one relative’s surgery and a few weddings, I have also missed funerals, broken hearts, and celebrations — so I am not “there” for everyone and everything in the way I would be if I were living at home.
    Thanks for inviting comments and I am looking forward to yours. Kim.

  3. My family have ALWAYS been supportive of my travelling, as have my friends, so I’ve never had an issue with them regarding me wanting to flounder off across the world (although they were weary of some of the destinations I wanted to visit!) However, my ex very much did not support me travelling long term, and it meant that for a while I didn’t travel and that when I did finally travel solo long-term for the first few trips, it was much shorter than what I had originally wanted because I was trying to compromise. Ah well, in 2018 I spent about 7 months abroad and it’ll be similar this year, so I guess I’m not making compromises anymore for anyone!

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