Hey there Bloggers, Can I ask you a question?

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I passed my first-year milestone on March 1st. This has been such an adventure.   Not just writing about subjects I truly enjoy, but also from reading your blogs.  I try to read at least ten a day and I must say I am really impressed by so many of them. The photography, the excellence of writing and the overall quality of your blogs are very professional. Which leads me to my question:

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Have any of you ever thought of ‘turning pro’? By that I mean have you thought of monetizing your blog. If you haven’t, why not? What criteria or threshold would you need to consider it? What are your thoughts overall about people who do? I’ll put my answer in the next paragraph.

The short answer for me is no. At least for the long foreseeable future. I’ve been at this just a year. I am barely an embryo. Right now my only focus is coming up with posts people enjoy, trying to find “my voice”  and building a community. Would it be nice? Sure, possibly. Maybe if I made enough to fund my annual vacations that would be great. But I am almost scared to do more than that because sometimes it’s best not to turn something you love into a business. I’m a bit conflicted, but like I said I’m an embryo, not even a full-fledged baby. So it isn’t anything I have to decide on anytime in the near or relatively distant future anyway.

I’d love to take on the role as a mentor, or trusted friend and maybe even dare-I-say-it “grandfatherly” type. Perhaps recommending locations, products or services if I actually liked them to those who follow the blog. I can’t ever see myself “influencing” anyone. Besides, what happens if I get some hotel in I don’t know, let’s say Costa Rica to fly me down and stay for free in their hotel to write a review. I get there, and the place is an absolute dump. But I’m kind of beholden to them because they comped me so much. I can’t lie to the readers, but if I speak honestly about the poor conditions, I may not get any other offers. Nor would I want to recommend a product, service or location that is out of the price range of the average reader. I’m not here for my ego (too much) and definitely loathe “showing off.” I want to inspire people not fester envy. (there’s too much of that already.)

What would truly determine if I ever “go pro” is you. Because ultimately “You don’t monetize blogs, you monetize an audience.”  I need to believe that I have built up enough trust in my audience, that they would want to hear what I have to say or offer. I want to have fun, and I want the reader to have fun. If one of us isn’t enjoying the process, why bother. I’d love to make enough to make improvements on the blog. (Better table of contents, accessibility, more user-friendly, better layout, etc.) and a better income could mean more time to travel which means more blog posts. I guess we all want that.  But for now, I see Pro-blogging as some nebulous potentially attainable goal for somewhere in the future…..Maybe.

Would really love to hear your thoughts And again, I must say I don’t know any of you personally, but definitely, feel a kinship through your fabulous blogs. Keep inspiring me, and I’ll try to do the same.


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    1. I think you are correct in that if you go pro, the fun could go right out. Then it becomes deadlines, expectations, and you are no longer blogging just for the sake of blogging. And if you can be satisfied just blogging then it really is its own reward. Thanks for commenting Curt and adding the blog to your follow list. 🙂

  1. I thought about it for about five minutes, until I realized it would require an enormous amount of time for a very low probability of making more than a few dollars a month. There is so much competition out there. And I would have to write according to someone else’s expectations.

    1. There are millions of people amateur blogging and even then the quality of work is outstanding. I think a person would have to have a strong and unique voice to stand out in the professional realm where the people are all competing on a limited piece of the pie. I’d really have to be sure of myself and my audience to venture in. I’m not there yet and may never be, but heck, I’m having fun blogging, so at least there’s that.

  2. Family members have often urged me to go professional with my photography and I usually shut down that conversation immediately. I am an amateur. I’ve many more talented friends than I who have tried to earn income and failed. I am middle management in a dreadful corporate setting….I love my coworkers, but is this how I envisioned my life’s work? No. Does it allow me to provide for my family and pay for my wanderlust? Yes. So I’ll keep at it as long as I can.
    For me, the photography has always been about story telling anyway. The blogging satisfies my need for a creative outlet and I enjoy interacting with my followers.

    1. I for one think you’re photography is outstanding. I love the pictures you post. I am in the same boat with you career-wise. So it makes transitioning difficult. But if anyone could do it you could given your talent.

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