This winter has been excessively brutal as fall as snowfall. While we certainly have had a much higher than average amount here in Kansas City, it pales in comparison to the amount of precipitation that has fallen in the Upper Midwest. All this excess water flows into Missouri River. The River flows South until it reaches KC the abruptly switches directions flowing eastward towards Saint Louis and the Mississippi River. 

Over the weekend, Nebraska had gotten some severe flooding, and the high water has finally reached us here. Last summer, I did a post about the hiking trails at Kaw Point. Kaw point is where the Kansas (also known as the Kaw) and the Missouri Rivers meet. It is also where the explorers Lewis and Clark had an encampment on their way to the Pacific Ocean. I have some side by side photos from last summer, and now so you can see the extent of the flooding. 


If you take your Chevy to this levee, it won’t be dry.


Before and After

fk4This isn’t nearly as bad (so far) as the flood in 1993. If you see where Lewis (or is it Clark?) is pointing that is the Fairfax Airport. That entire plain was flooded and L&C cut out was under several feet of water. Anyone reading from Saint Louis or down the river on the Mississippi River is reading this get ready it coming your way.





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