Hey there Bloggers, I have a question

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Since many of you that read or follow these posts is either a travel blogger or at the very least likes to read travel blogs let me pose a question to you all. I will also answer this myself, but would really love some feedback. So here goes:

Would you describe yourself as:

1) A writer who travels? Or 2) A traveler who writes?

My Answer:

Well, technically right now at least, I’m neither.  I’ve traveled, but only when I can save up enough money. (usually once or twice year). But if I were to choose, I’d say I am a writer who travels even though I think I am a much better traveler than a writer.

Writing for me is usually very work intensive. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. I want the words to flow nicely. I want to sound smart. Sometimes, I think it can kill spontaneity. What I really like doing is being a research nerd. I love finding out all I can about a particular topic. Whenever I visit somewhere new, by the time I actually get there, I’ve read so much I feel like I’ve already been there.

Traveling, on the other hand, is more natural. My philosophy is read all you can in advance then throw away your guidebook and follow your heart. It is kind of a right brain-left brain thing.  I have traveled without writing about it, but I am always happier when I write. It makes the experience more real. Maybe one day I can do both professionally. That’s my vision at least. I want to share the world I see with others. I want my journey to make a difference.

Well, that’s my answer (such as it was)  What say you?

9 Replies to “Hey there Bloggers, I have a question”

    1. Hi Terri, It is hard to seperate travel and writing for me. They really are so strongly intertwined. If I visit somewhere wonderfulI want to tell people about the expierience. But always composing in your head takes you out of the moment and you can’t enjoy what you’re seeing for itself. I agree I’d like to choose just travel if given a choice. But I would miss sharing.


    1. Hey there LMT, I can tell you enjoy travel writing and photos. And what great photos you take. I love the photography on your blog. I definitely work much harder at writing than I do traveling. If I have some sort of mishap traveling I am much more adaptablr than writing. I tend to be much fussier. In fact, travel is a bit more fun when it is less planned. You do a nice job of blending the three parts.

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  1. Let me answer from a reader’s perspective. I am someone who doesn’t travel as much as I like and gets vicarious pleasure from your pictures and descriptions. And also good ideas for places I’d like to visit. 🙂

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    1. Excellent. That is certainly a large part of what I strive for n the blog. So glad you enjoy reading the blog. I am the same. There are so many well written and photographed blogs I enjoy vicariously. I may never get there but reading about someone’s adventure really makes these exotic locales seem so much more real.


    1. I’m right thee with you. But being a bit late has its advantages. it makes you much more focused than if you had done this sooner. And more life experience gives you more to write about.

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