Picture of the Day: Seattle’s Pike Place Market

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Pike Place is only second to the Space Needle as Seattle’s most recognizable landmark. The market is quite large and covers several blocks. You can purchase just about anything here. Fresh Seafood, all sorts of fruit, vegetables, and homemade crafts are some of the market’s specialties. The Market also has the very first Starbucks and several ethnic restaurants including Greek, Asian, and Russian Food.


The Globetrotting Grandpa himself. Ready to do some exploring around this iconic marketplace.


The bronze pig greets visitors to Pikes Place. The bronze statue is so well known it isn’t uncommon for locals to just tell someone to meet them by the pig.”


An example of the artistic and odd, the gum wall at Pikes Place has chewing gum stuck to the wall. It’s creative, but I wouldn’t recommend touching it.


Probably the most famous vendor The Fishmarket has fresh fish every day. Much of it brought up from the docks on at the bottom of the hill.


“Home of the flying fish” Pike place Fish handlers will throw the order through the air and then skillfully catch it. The throwing fish is a show you can see for free and definitely don’t want to miss.


It isn’t just fish. Fresh fruit and flowers are available year long.


The seafood restaurants in the market only need to walk a few feet away to pick out their menus.


The restaurants on the west side of the Market offer great views of Puget Sound.

The original Starbucks usually has a queue to get it. My personal favorite place at Pike’s Place is “Piroshky, Piroshky” a Russian bakery with a mouthwatering assortment of Piroshkys (stuffed fresh baked rolls filled with anything edible.


These things are crazy tasty. My favorite thing to do at Pike’s Market is getting one of these things, some coffee and spend a rainy afternoon watching the ships on Puget Sound.

So Have you ever been to Pike’s Place Market? What did you like or not like about it? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments. 

11 Replies to “Picture of the Day: Seattle’s Pike Place Market”

  1. I love Pike’s Place Market. I visited it once in early 70’s, again in 1984, and a third time in 2011. So much to see, do, and eat there! It’s a fascinating destination, apart from all of the sights and sounds nearby.

    1. Yeah, its not really my kind of art, but gross and gorgeous is an apt description. The wall was completely cleaned in 2015 and by 2017, it was back up again. The city sees it as a nuisance but it’s popular so they leave it alone.

      1. Definitely go. Summers are crowded due to all to cruises to Alaska making Seattle their pot of call, but Springs are really green and you won’t have much crowds. Winters are normally mild but this year’s been an exception

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