Poem: “The Unknown Poet and the poet-Pretender”

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I going through some old Poetry notebooks and I came across a poem I wrote back in college. I will get back to travel blogging later today, but I just wanted to share it with you. It’s called “The unknown poet and the poet-pretender”.

It was kind of a reminder that I was taking myself too seriously and was trying too hard to impress people. Which meant I was not being my authentic self.  It’s written in a tongue in cheek manner. 

“The unknown poet and the poet-pretender walked on the beach at the end of the winter.

He spouting poems he thought were quite wise, she slyly smiling with only her eyes.

Here’s my latest opus, he proudly did say,  Can you believe it took nearly a day?

It’s really quite good she said with a wink, then changed the subject to cleaning her sink.

But she loved the old fool and suffered his prose and poems in silence despite what she knows.

Other pretenders and benders of rhyme, lose their first love in a matter of time.

despite all his folly she truly did feel, beneath all the treacle, something was real.

Who’s your favorite poet he asked of the dame, hoping the lady would mention his name.

No special poet she said to the man

but dropped in his palm a pellet of sand.

man and woman holding hands walking on seashore during sunrise
Photo by Ibrahim Asad on Pexels.com


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