Picture of the Day: Exploring the Iditarod School

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The Iditarod is an annual sled race held in Alaska each year. Many of the dogs who lead these teams are born and raised at the Iditarod Sled Academy in Carcross Yukon, Canada. In the summertime, the Academy is open to visitors, and everyone is encouraged to interact with the dogs especially the puppies. It is believed that doing so increases socialization and teaches them to be comfortable around people. It was fun spending the afternoon being licked, chased and occasionally gnawed on by the pups.

A few seconds before this picture was snapped the puppy ate my plastic name tag. I can’t imagine it tasted good.


Not being sated with eating my name tag, the little scamp tried to eat a rope for dessert


In the summer the dogs would pull a dirt buggy. They could really move fast.


Alaska Tour - Real Alaska Tour - Seavey Kennels
Such cuties but rambunctious as all get out. 


Yukon doesn’t seem to get as many visitors as other parts of Canada. Perhaps because it is kind of out of the way. But it’s worth the extra effort.

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