Picture of the Day: Let’s see your pets!

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For Thursday’s Picture of the Day, I wanted to show some of our “fur children”  in our house. They are such a source of comfort and love. They are also high maintenance enough to keep us from being too sedentary. Mostly, I am sharing these pictures in the hope that you will share some photos of your pets also. I’d love to read about them and bask in their cuteness. So let’s do a show and tell. We can talk about travel and Fitness and whatnot in another post. For now show me your furry, finny, scaley, or feathered babies!!


This is Simone. We named her after the singer Nina Simone, whom we all love. She has a bell around her neck for a reason she is T-R-O-U-B-L-E. But her lively nature and seemingly endless curiosity bring us more joy than you could ever imagine. 


This is Jinx or Jinxie as I call him. While he belongs to all of us, he is my buddy. He sleeps right next to me on many nights and is always in the same room with me. In fact, he just looked up at me when I typed that.  He loves to bury himself in the covers even in the summertime. 


This is Ju-Ju she is a half golden retriever and Husky. She is also high maintenance and is really digging all the snow. It must be the Husky half.  


This is Jane with our pets Sinatra the cat and another shot of Jinxie. I couldn’t find our other cats Marley or Anakin. 



Please, please can we see or at the very least hear about your pets? I’d love to learn more about those of you who read or follow our page. 




4 Replies to “Picture of the Day: Let’s see your pets!”

  1. Aw man, so cute. And I love Nina Simone too, so that’s a great name for your cat!

    I have two cats at home, but don’t have any photos. One is a chocolate tortie girl, the other is a fat brown monster boy. I miss them.

    I’d love a dog though! The first thing I do when I get settled in my own place will be buy a puppy!

    1. I think pets may be harder to miss than people. With your friends and family you can email or text and let them know you wish you were with them, but short of being in person and giving your pet a hug it’s difficult to let them to know you miss them.

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