Since yesterday was International Holocaust Remberence Day, I wanted to post a picture from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp in Poland. This is a picture from the present day but I feel like black and white is more suitable.

I wanted to write about my visit to this place and my feelings and impressions, but I am not going to, at least not today. I will certainly sometime in the future. But this day shouldn’t be about me, so for now, I just want the photo to stand by itself.

We should never forget what happened here, but perhaps, more importantly, we should remember that this isn’t an isolated occurrence. It has happened since. In Rwanda, Darfur, Cambodia, and Bosnia among others. One can correctly argue that the Holocaust was on a larger scale and more systematic, but these arguments don’t matter much to widows, widowers, bereaved parents, and orphans. We all have to be vigilant and awake. So we remember the millions who died needlessly before, during and after the 1940s. We honor their memory and we promise to do better.



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