This house is located in midtown Kansas City, Missouri at 1312 East 79th Street, It is the childhood home of Actress Jean Harlow. She was known as a “The Platinum Blonde”.  She was born in KC on March 3, 1911, with the birth name of Harlean Harlow CarpenterHer parents did not have an easy marriage and moved through several houses before settling to this house when Jean was 8 years old. Miss Harlow’s grandfather was a wealthy real estate broker and allowed Jean and her parents to live in the 18 room house at no charge.

In 1923 when Jean was 12 her parents divorced and Jean’s mother tried to work as an actress but at 32 was considered “too old” at the time. Success came easier for her daughter. Pressed by her mother to pursue acting. Harlean changed her name to her mother’s name Jean. Jean got her first movie part at age 16 and her career took off from there.

Harlow was cast opposite of all the major leading men of her day including Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and William Powell. Jean Harlow died of kidney failure at just the age of 25. Although her career in film was a brief 9 years. She is considered one of the top stars of the 1920s. Although she never returned to her house in Kansas City, she remembered her time fondly and spoke of it often.



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