50 States in 50 days: Day 8 Vermont

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In honor of me having achieved my goal of visiting all 50 US States each day for the next 50 days, I will post a picture of somewhere I have visited in each state and write a paragraph or two about my experience. There is so much to see in every one of them, so I am just selecting one of my best memories. 

If you fashion yourself the outdoors type, you can hardly do better than Vermont. The name of the state comes from the French word for ‘Green Mountain’ Verd Mont. something you will see a lot of here in the late spring and summer. The most popular time to visit is the Autumn when the leaves turn and the whole state resembles a lumpy quilt blanket. The winters are also popular as the state boasts some of the best ski runs in all of New England.

Less of a green mountain and more of a great white brownish mountain in the winter.

Given that Vermont is the second least populated state (after Wyoming) you’ll find yourself mostly secluded. Even Vermont’s most populous city of Burlington only has about 40 thousand people, so no real urban area to speak of. What you will find are some really great hiking trails that open up to vistas extending for miles spackled with silver lakes of pristine water.

Some of my favorite memories of Vermont include spending some serious alone time deep in the woods, driving along Lake Champlain, and exploring the covered bridges of Brattleboro. You might even run get a chance to see Senator and former  (possibly future) presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who still comes back home often. (I didn’t see him but it would have made a great story). Regardless of who you meet you’ll end up loving Vermont any season you go.


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