“Through gates of Janus/and Februa’s cleansing purge/ we March to April”



“Moby moon drips light, through trees gnarled wooden fingers, on pale pearl canvas”



“with coffee cold eyes, tears heart like Christmas wrapping, guess she’s just gifted”



“Reach into the change./flip koan of compassion/ catch it mid-air.”

A brief note on this one: A koan is a Buddhist thing it’s like a mantra, something meditated on that is seemingly paradoxical. (like compassion). So flipping the koan is sort of like meditating on compassion but not getting so hung up on it as not to practice it. hence catching it in mid-air before you see the results (ie heads or tails) of the coin(koan). sorry, it’s a bit pun-laden and odd I know.



“Cardinals and snow./great contrast, poor camouflage/ It’s Nature’s sore thumb.”


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