The Top 10 Humpday Haikus of 2018

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As voted by you the readers of Globetrotting grandpa, based your on comments and likes

Number 10

“Mercury’s fallen, Iced paths and age thwart his pace. The cold claims us all.”

Number 9

Like melted crayons,
colors skate in frozen sky,
Nature’s art gallery”

Number 8

” Springtimes’s bipolar,
one day laughing in sunshine,
next day cries in snow”

Number 7

“Like a well-cast stone, my mind skips the waves of sleep, skimming not sinking.

Number 6

Her eyes full of ghosts, her mind a broken mirror, without reflection.

Number 5

“cold wind slaps my face/then warm sun caresses me/nature likes to tease.”

number 4

Half eaten orange, broken moon swims all alone, across sea of night

Number 3

“Shards of colored glass, Autumn threw a rock and broke, God’s Church glass window”

Number 2

her touch is springtime, her smile like a summer day, no wonder I fall”

And number one (Drumroll)…..

I try to hold you, but sometimes you escape me, and run down my cheek.

Thanks to everyone who has liked and commented on the haikus. They are truly a labor of Love for me.  I am so grateful to you all. I look forward to a new batch in 2019. Happy New Year to you, dear readers. Love G.G. 



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