A photo essay of Sicily by my Housemate Frank Dolci

St Carlo’s Monastery in Erice.
Streetscape from Trapani.
Stairway to Medieval Erice.
perspectives from the Assumption Cathedral in Erice.
Streets Piana degli Albanesi.
Souvenirs from Erice.
 The Immaculate Conception of Mary. Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception as well. She is the Patron of the United States.
The gentleman on the left obviously has an important point to make. Piana degli Albanesi.


Madonna and Child tapestry from Piana degli Albanesi.

Many fascinating family faces in Piana degli Albanesi.
Yesterday was Santa Lucia’s feast day and it is a tradition to serve Arancini ( fried rice balls). Savoca’s in Palermo Arancini were world class.
More from remnants of
ancient Greek civilizations at Agrigento.

8 Replies to “Bella Sicilia, Beautiful Sicily”

    1. I’m doing alright, thanks. Well, as good as can be expected during the holidays. Have you been to Sicily? It’s almost like a separate country. A lot less commercial anda more rural feel to it.

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      1. Holidays are stressful. I have a job where I work with people who have mental issues. I’m a crisis counselor) and this time of year is difficult because I get ‘compassion fatigue’. I hope you are okay, I read about the Tsunami, just awful.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes.. Indonesia has taken a battering this year in terms of natural disaster. All is good where I am, as luckily I’m in Jakarta area so not as much happens here. And cool! How long have you been a counsellor for?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It was six years last November. Some days the job is rewarding others just exhausting, but the people there are the kindest, and most genuine people I ever worked with, I wish I could do it while I traveled. I definitely miss going on more trips.

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