afterglow background beautiful branches

“cold wind slaps my face/then warm sun caresses me/nature likes to tease.”

black and white cold fog forest

‘                 “The blanket of snow/covers all the sleeping seeds/ we both dream of spring”



adorable animal bed bedroom

‘i dress in cold room/cat on bed warm and asleep/that’s right, rub it in.

alone bed bedroom blur

“life is way too short/so much that needs to be done/I’ll start with a nap”

2 Replies to “This week’s Humpday Haiku”

  1. Where have you been! ?🙂 Your pictrures are beautiful! A bunch of us drove up to Tahoe today. Have you been there? Beyond beautiful! It is one of our favorite places to go! ‘Nature likes to tease’… Love that line! I never thought of it that way. Nice to see your return.🙂

    1. Thanks. Sorry, I changed shifts at work. I am still trying to get my rhythm in sync. I am very sorry, I just now saw your message, I would have replied sooner. I have been by Tahoe but not really “there,there’. But I do remember the water being such a beautiful turquoise blue. It was lovely. Thanks for enjoying the haikus

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