Hey, there travel peeps: Shall we play a Game?

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I’ve been a bit of a ghost here lately.  Thanks for sticking around. Been a lot of stuff on ‘the outside world”  I had to deal with but things are starting to get better.  Anyway, I thought maybe we could play a travel game. I miss interacting with everyone it’s a really simple game.  Just fill in the blanks on the following paragraph:

Sure if you visit (enter the name of one of your favorite places) you have to visit  ( enter the name of the most touristed spot in the place), But you never really have been there until you (enter something unique about the place, that not everyone does or goes to, or knows about)”

I’ll even go first: “Sure if you visit New York City you have to visit the Statue of liberty, but you never really have been there until you ride the Staten Island Ferry. The Ferry runs from Lower Manhatten to Staten Island and is a photographer’s dream. You can get shots of the skyline and Ellis and liberty island. More importantly, it is a common travel route for commuters so you get a chance to visit with some native New Yorkers. The ride also gives you an idea of just how vast NYC really is something you won’t appreciate if you just stay in Manhatten, And it’s free, which is a bit of a rarity in NYC.” 

Something like that Easy Peasey. And we can learn a bit about some of the places we have been to, and maybe something about a place we like that not all the tourists do.  Put your answers in the comments. I actually have a day off today (Sunday) and will definitely answer back. So let’s play!!



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