This week’s Humpday Haiku

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sunset on rain forest

“Just like a lion/the sun with its golden mane/roars his mighty light.”


alley autumn autumn colours autumn leaves

“Pied shivered crystal/stained glass from autumn’s Abbey/falls like Gaea’s tears.”



“Fleetwood, Mac and Cheese/plaid picnic English Autumn/A life forgotten.”

“This one has an interesting backstory. I had a dream last night, I was a little boy named Bobby who lived in England. It was in the 1950’s I was pretty young maybe four and my mom and dad and sister who was named Mary who was slightly older than me. We were all in our car and going on a picnic in the country. Our car was alight blue Fleetwood. There was a basket on the seat between us that had a red plaid blanket on it. I was very happy to be there. It was Autumn and a beautiful day but slightly wet. My dad was driving and there was some sort of animal on the road. My dad swerved to go around it and the car went into the ditch. I had stood up a second before to see what animal it was and I was killed in the accident. The rest of my family was only slightly injured. I woke up from the dream and this haiku was completely written in my head word for word.”




“She kisses the damned, exhumes the dark and broken, and loves back to life”

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