So today is my birthday. I am mumble-mumble years old. Really, the less said about it probably the better, but i did want to bring it up because as birthdays are wont to be , today is a time of self-reflection. I am so grateful to have this blog, it really has lifted me from a dark place. I know I can sometimes be a bit morose now, but trust me, it was much darker before. I was looking back at my posts in September and i realized that in just 22 days I have put up 43 posts. That’s almost two a day. That’s a bit overkill, no? 

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely LOVE doing this. ( I would so do this as a full time job if I had the chance) I am so grateful and honored to have people kind enough to like and comment on these posts.  But I also want t have a care with my welcome as to not wear it out. The last thing I want is people to see one of my posts in their feed and think “What? Him again!” I am almost phobic in my thinking that if I go 24hrs with out posting, everyone will leave. It makes me clingy and no one wants that.

So I am going to slow down for fall. (As best I can) maybe post every other day or something like that. I definitely want to have a long term relationship with you all, so maybe I need to not camp out by your doorstep. Anyway, the sun is shining here. The weather is clement and I am going to spend the day with my dear ones. Then tomorrow I am off to Saint Louis for a few days vacation. I know I’ll have a lot of posts come from it. So we will talk again soon. Just no more today.

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24 Replies to “Of Burnouts and Birthdays”

  1. And Happy Birthday from the UK! I wouldn’t fret over frequency of posts. I only write mine when we’re mohoing and we’re almost wrapped up for the season here, so I’m pretending that my infrequent and erratic posts just keep my loyal followers hungry for more! Have a great day and thanks for your blog!

  2. Happy birthday…sorry I’m a day late!
    Have you considered scheduling your posts? That way you can write as much as you like, but have them drop at regular intervals. Obviously, you couldn’t do that with the time sensitive stuff like your weight loss journey. Or birthday post 🙂
    I also find it helpful to look at my scheduled posts just before they publish and correct grammar, spelling, typos that I may have missed the first time

  3. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Do hope you had a good day. A post every other day is also a great idea. everybody anymore is bombarded with life and all that entails in our modern daily lives, so it is best not to overdo. That does turn off many quicker than anything. …………….and your ‘fear’ of people leaving or forgetting, is unfounded. You would have to go a month or more for that to happen. Relax. Enjoy.

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