My British Homecoming Day 5: County Donegal Ireland

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I was cleaning out my desk and I found an old travel journal I had kept during a trip to the UK and Ireland from a few years ago. This had been the first time I had returned to England after being expelled for working without a permit back in the late ’80s. (I have been back a few times more since) But I thought I would share the journal and some pictures with you all. 

The proprietor of the B&B (Phyllis) woke me up per my request around 9. It seems I was the only single person at the Inn. Everyone else was coupled in fact, all of them were Americans and were on their honeymoon. I know this because they all told me this (several times). The breakfast was yummy, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, bangers, rasher, soda bread tea, and even blood pudding. (which I could have done without) . It was hearty and gave me a ton of energy. I decided that since this was going to be my only stationary day, I would walk out of town and see if I could find where the bay met the ocean. As I was walking out of town I met a very nice lady who told me that the road I was taking would split and there would be two roads, the left road led to a rocky beach and the right one to a sandy beach. I thought the Rocky beach sounded more interesting, so when I came to the fork I went left. Well, the rocky beach was actually pretty dull and was still on the bay. So, I walked back up and went right. The sandy beach was very nice.

As you may have guessed by the picture, I did get caught in some rain. It rained off and on for much of the day. Never super heavy more like a thick mist.

I walked back into Donegal town. I wanted to take a ferry that went out on the harbor but just missed getting on. I could even see the boat in the distance. I met Sally, a Canadian girl at the dock who also just missed the boat and we went around the city talking and taking pictures.

Pubs and churches in Donegal

We made our way to Donegal Castle. Built by the McDonnell Clan, the castle was the center of life in Donegal for centuries. The castle had been burned down and the fortress had been rebuilt nut the manor house attached still just had its shell.

Donegal castle with the Manor House attached.
The woodworking on the castle interior was very intricate

Sally was staying at a hostel on Lough Eske (Lake Eske) right outside of town. The Lake features a very large castle and some nice grounds.

The castle at Lough Eske
Lough Eske


Buildings on the castle grounds.

After visiting with Sally, I came back to the B&B and answered some emails and sent a few messages to the family and then top a nap. Since my room didn’t have a clock in it I wasn’t sure how long I was out. I walked around town for a bit. there was some live music coming out of a Pub called “The Cellar” so I went in and listened. They were definitely jamming. There was a guy from New Zealand playing bagpipes, and a Scottish guy playing the according and several people had their violins out. Everyone was singing and banging on the tables. It was ruckus and rowdy. I stayed around until after dark.


Jamming at the Cellar

On the way home I went to the Abbey Hotel. (the largest in the city) they were having an 80’s party. It looked like a lot of fun, but I went ahead and headed back to my room. I can hear them from my window. {It is right across the window. I thought to myself “If iBut I  can’t fall asleep, I’ll go back over” But that was about the last thing I thought before I fell fast asleep.

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