Kansas City’s Chalk and Walk gives both amateur and professional artists the opportunity to make the sidewalk talk.


The event was held at Hall’s Crown Center Plaza and was sponsored by Crayola.


The floor of the outdoor concert hall was turned into a children’s coloring area


Both the outdoor plaza and the adjacent sidewalks were converted to makeshift canvases.






While it was called the chalk and Walk, several media were used such as chalk, crayons, and watercolors.


Each picture had a sponsor sometimes someone from the organization who make the painting, while some only provided space to an unaffiliated artist.



Since this was just an exhibition there were no prizes given, My favorites were the cats in the canoe, and the Dungeons and Dragons.

This is a new festival. I hope it continues to grow. There is no charge and not even a parking fee since it is being held on the weekend. 

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