Photography courtesy of my housemate Frank Dolci. I never want to travel anywhere without his amazing eye for pictures.

Faces of Sicily: Bivona is a charming town in the province of Agrigento. It is half way between Lercara Friddi and Lucca Sicula.
Faces of Sicily: Old building, Piana degli Albanesi. Notice the hammer, star and sickle which denotes the communist influence in the city.
Faces of Sicily: More ruins from Teatro Greco where both Ancient Greek and Roman legacies can be found.
Faces of Sicily: As I have said before, there is no doubt that the beauty of Sicily can be found in the faces of its children.
Faces of Sicily: This fine gentleman out on Easter morning, Piana delle Albanesi.
Faces of Sicily: Carne per vendire La Vucciria, Palermo (meat for sale)
Faces of Sicily: Teatro Greco Taormina. Concerts are still held there today.
Faces of Sicily: An intricate facade adorns this structure in Salemi.

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