Kansas City’s 1000 story building

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More than just a repository of books, The Central Branch of the Kansas City is also part Museum, community center, and an architectural landmark. lb9lb1


One of the most striking features to the Central Library is the book facade which actually covers the adjoining parking lot.  When the lot was constructed in 2006 a contest was held for library patrons to name their favorite book, twenty-two titles were selected. Each “Book” is approximately twenty-five foot tall and nine foot wide. Some of the titles included are “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” “The Lord of the Rings” and Plato’s “The Republic.” The facade quickly became a favorite landmark of downtown Kansas City. 


The very regal Kansas City Public Library


The bookshelf theme continues as you enter inside


 The  Interior library building itself is also a marvel. The building that houses the library was once a bank and still has its bank vault, which was converted into a movie theater. 

The steel walls of the vault really absorb sound
Movies are shown on a regular schedule in the vault. They are usually classic movies, and it is a fun place to realize a great older film you may have missed.
The entrance to the children’s library
The library features a comfy pastoral section where kids can read, play, and daydream
Mural in the children’s library


Statue in the children’s library

Even if you have no interest in reading, the former bank building holds stunning architecture. The Library often has traveling exhibits from such museums as the Smithsonian and recently had a first folio copy of Shakespeare on loan from the Folger Library.



The library also has a coffee shop that serves coffee and light meals and has a roof patio that contains a human-sized chess set.


The central branch of the Kansas City Public Library is a great place to watch a movie, drink coffee, see public art and traveling exhibits, play chess, oh and read, you can even read there too.




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    1. I didn’t realize this treasure until about a year ago. I saw a picture of the facade on “jeopardy” and they said it was in KC, and I thought “How could I have missed this?”

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