Rooftops and steeple. Piana degli Albanesi
 Intricate columns of Palermo’s Cathedral reflect its diverse architecture.


 Sicily’s Greek influence is seen in the decor of this trattoria in Taormina.
Ancient passage, Greek Theater, Taormina.
: The busy rainy streets of Taormina are fascinating.


Talented street musicians are plentiful in Palermo.


Can’t get enough of the Vucciria. More fruits vegetables and their vendors.
Salemi’s intricate streets.
 Chiesa di San Giuseppe, Taormina.

Photography from my housemate Frank Dolci. Thanks for being my eyes on this beautiful island.


9 Replies to “Bella Siciliano Beautiful Sicily”

      1. I’m sure you will visit sometime. Sicily is in the crossroad of history the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, an crusaders have all laid hold of the island. You’re right, I could write for days about it. Hopefully I can in the future.

      2. Wow that is very interesting. I was told that northen and southern Italy feel completely different. I only went to the northern part.

      3. It really is! The Northern part and the southern part are very culturally different. The southern part especially Sicily has been invaded and occupied so many times each leaving a distict inprint

      4. I’m sure! I was told by a friend that southern Italians feel more Arab apparently. It’s all interesting stuff. I actually just wrote a post about italy.

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