Trail Report Week Three: The Weston Bend trail

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The Weston Bend trail is a trail that follows a bend on the Missouri river near the city of Weston, Missouri. The trail runs along and down a bluff over looking the river. The city of Leavenworth, Kansas is on the other side of the river. Part of the appeal of this trail is it offers trails for beginners and advanced hikers. The advanced trails run down the bluff and along side the Missouri River. The trail offers some amazing views and has trails varying from less than a mile to over  three miles in length


We’ve had some pretty strong rains lately and the Missouri is up quite a bit. 
The lookout bluff viewing platform was built around a tree rather than cutting it down.

The Park offers both paved and unpaved trails

The geese really wanted to follow the hikers
The park used to be a tobacco farm and this barn was used for drying the crop.
this hollow tree would be a great place to stash your loot. Jesse James used to hang out around here, maybe he took advantage of it.  
Sunset on the Missouri River. 

The Park is just four miles outside of Weston, Missouri which is about a half hour north of Kansas City. Weston has some lovely antique shops, B&Bs , and restaurants with turn of the century architecture. One of my favorite hangouts is an Irish Pub called O’Malleys .O’Malleys is in an old wine cellar and has the feel of a Pub in Ireland.

Great Music, Guiness and Craic equals a perfect nightcap to a day of hiking.

Pros: Trails for beginners and advanced, Nice views of the river and river valley, definitely out of the city so you feel like you are on a mini road trip. You can hear some great Irish music when you’re done. 

Cons: Can be muddy after the rain if not on the paved trail. Remember if you hike down the bluff, you have to hike back up to get to your car. More of a special occasion or weekend hike as opposed to a place you can hike daily due to the distance. 

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