Exploring Powell Gardens, Kansas City’s Botanical Park

Located 30 miles east of Kansas City, Powell Gardens has over 900 acres of Gardens including a lake with an island garden, a waterfall garden,  perennial gardens, a butterfly and wildflower meadow as well as a working farm with a vegetable garden, vineyards, and orchards. The gardens also have an ever-changing display of sculptures.

The current theme covers oversized things you find outdoors during the summer including a table and folding chairs, popsicles, an apple core insects and woodland animals.


The gardens also have a working farm where vegetables are grown as well as a vineyard and an orchard that grows apples, peaches and different types of berries.  The silo pictured is actually a lookout tower.


The park has over three miles of nature trails. The woods have several creeks in them with frequent small waterfalls. There were deer but they didn’t stick around long enough for a picture.


The gardens have a lovely chapel that is in a wooded area overlooking the lake. it is a very popular location for weddings and memorial services.


And of course, the flowers…

Powell gardens are open May-Oct. Admission is $10.00. Admittedly, It’s a bit pricey but is quite beautiful and definitely worth an afternoon’s visit.

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