Hey there fellow bloggers, I have a question for you:

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So What do you do when you get writer’s block? My answer is below:


So far so good as far as this blog is going. I have a whole notebook full of ideas and a large file of photos. I have gotten the block before though.  Normally one of these three things help.  Exercise: Just moving seems to work wonders especially walking or swimming. Meditation: If I can get my mind to quiet down I usually find my creative source again. If all else fails listening to music really helps. I especially like music not sung in english. Not being able to listen to words means I am not using the ‘word side’ of my brain and the creative side can be more dominant.

So how about you what do you do when the words just don’t seem to come. Would love to read about it. Feedback is most graciously welcome.


8 Replies to “Hey there fellow bloggers, I have a question for you:”

  1. Like you, exercise (like taking the dogs for a walk) works for me. Taking time in the shop or any other task that requires my hands as primary instead of my brain is another technique. Music helps. One of the things that I’ve been trying to do for some time is carry a notebook with me (or my smart phone), and jot down a phrase or two that comes to mind. It seems that when I am working with my hands on something, my mind kicks into gear and tries to stay busy.

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    1. oh yes the notebook or a small recorder are essential for me. I can’t rely just on my memory and you never know when that perfect phrase will pop up


  2. After years of being afraid to write or hating to do it, I am finally okay. We have all heard of free flow writing. Well, that’s how I approach my problem. I don’t worry about spelling or sounding stupid. I don’t allow my inner critique to enter the room. I think of an idea and write.
    I reread it and make it better. Then I may leave it and walk around the room or get a cup of tea as I ask myself about the message am I trying to get across. Then I go back and strengthen it. I think I have confidence in myself now. I am a good writer but I can’t expect writing to be perfect with the first draft. There is a wonderful assurance in me now that if I revise, batch, and have my purpose for the piece always in the foreground, I will always produce something that touches my soul and maybe touches the souls of others.

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    1. I can so relate. I tend to try the writer and editor hat at the same time. It usually doesn’t work out that well. I do the same. try to walk away have some tea and rethink it later.


  3. Bit like The Autonomous Traveler above, with a twist. I force myself to write something, anything. Then I give it a rest for about a day, come back the next day, delete everything, and start again. It usually works. But I don’t really like drafts, they tend to limit me as I try to stay within the lines of what I’ve already written even if it’s bad. So I just reread it, think about it for a few minutes, then erase everything and start over.

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    1. I also like keeping a recorder and/or a notebook with me because inspiration tends to strike at odd times and usually when I am not actively thinking about what I’ve written. Fallow periods are a big help for me.


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