This week’s humpday Haikus

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Tag: Poetry, Haikubird-fly-gespentisch-night-53989.jpeg1) “Moby moon drips light,

through trees gnarled wooden fingers,

on pale pearl canvas”



2) “The sun never asks,

its presence makes night give way,

peeling night’s facade”



3)  “Like melted crayons,

colors skate in frozen sky,

Nature’s art gallery”



4)  ” Springtimes’s bipolar,

one day laughing in sunshine,

next day cries in snow”




11 Replies to “This week’s humpday Haikus”

    1. The photos were the wordpress stock photos but I had a lot to choose from so I tried to find ones that seemed to fit. #4 does seem to be the favorite. Glad you liked them.

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      1. If you have you have an option when putting in photos to “choose free photo from library ; which gives you access to some free stock photos you can use. I prefer my own photos, but they are some nice public domain photos you can use if you’re in a pinch

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