Saint Augustine and Daytona Beach Florida

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Founded in 1565, by the Spanish, Saint Augustine Florida is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the continental United States. Many of the original or near original settlement buildings still exist.

The Castillo San Marcos Fort still Stands guard over old Saint Augustine
Watch tower at the fort
Legler Museum and grand Floridian Hotel


Domed Church loved the architecture
My Godson Gabe and his wife Samantha in the old quarter
While out for a walk with my Godson Gabe at Daytona beach we discovered this lighthouse
View from the lighthouse


I like this picture of me on the beach
Gabe and I at the beach

4 Replies to “Saint Augustine and Daytona Beach Florida”

  1. Thanks so much Jerry. I am slowly recovering from my flu. Feel better today, than I have in a while. Thank you for the encouragement.


  2. Grandpa, my blog is The Autonomous Traveler. I am not the Autonomous Globe Trotter. That was my original learning blog when I was taking the blogging class at Flagler College in January of this year. I was such a novice back then :). You signed up for the site I didn’t develop. Please follow me on my new improved blog. Thanks!

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