confused-muddled-illogical-disoriented.jpgI have made a promise to myself and any fellow travelers who might follow my page to always be transparent about the process of creating and growing this blog. I am reading a lot and trying to research what I am doing, But I feel as befuddled as George Jetson on the dog walker. At this point things seem chaotic and out of my control.

I have big dreams for this blog. Not to be rich but I would like to be able to fund my travels with it. More travels equals more exciting pictures and stories I can share. My purpose of this blog aside from being a possible way to afford to travel is to educate and inspire others to do the same. I have no wish to create envy. I want people to feel they can do the same traveling I do. But for all that you need an audience and that’s what the website is for.

I truly believe content is more important than a big splashy web page.  But you could be the best chef in the world, and if your restaurant consists of paper plates in a parking lot, you probably won’t have much clientele. Certainly a nice web page draws people in the door, but it is up to me to create content that is interesting, thoughtful and hopefully on occasion humorous to keep them here.

So set up is important. I have read several articles about the steps you need to set up a travel blog. First, find a name that expresses you and perhaps what you are wanting to achieve. Then several posts mentioned getting wordpress. There are two types of wordpress: and  I had been told the .org option was the best. I misread it and selected the .com version. I’ll be frank, I am a bit stymied. I am having trouble with setting up themes, loading pictures and creating the look I am envisioning for the page. I know, I am trying to build Rome in a day. But the sooner I can master the tech issues the sooner I can focus primarily on content. I have been stewing about this for the last couple days and I finally reached a mini epiphany or a miniphany if you will. Don’t sweat it just have faith.

I’m kind of like Michael Jackson but instead of  being the king of pop, I am the king of pop-references. Here’s another one: “If you build it, they will come”  I’m just going to write what i know, budget travel for aging optional, people, culture and food. I will just have to have faith everything else will fall in line……eventually.

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