The artist formerly known as “Darryl C’s the world”

“DarrylC’s the world” we hardly knew ya.
Alright, why the change? To be honest, I was fond of the “Darryl C’s the world” moniker. It was all punny just like I like it. But it sadly became outgrown. If I was going to just keep this as a venue for family and friends to follow up on my travels,the title would have worked. Most everyone knows my last name and the old title could have stayed. But my aspirations are higher. I want to expand my blog to people who don’t know me personally. plus Darryl gets misspelled a lot (even by people who know me.)

The major reason I want to change the name though is because I want to make the blog not so much about me, but about reigniting our lost dreams. All of us. Many people near my age (54) may have felt their dreams of seeing the world may have passed them by. I want people (and myself as well) to know it doesn’t have to be that way. “Tis not to late to seek a newer world”

There are plenty of blogs by twenty something cuties with trust funds. That isn’t me. Heck, it wasn’t even me when I was in my twenties. I want to appeal to my generation. Sure maybe a bit tarnished by time but still strong in spirit. You’re only old if you choose to be. So I wear my grandpa title with pride. Okay, I’m not technically a grandfather but I could be mistaken for one. And I want to see the world and if that’s your dream i want you to do it too.

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